Sille Konya Boutique Hotel

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A hidden gem in the “Land of Mevlana”


At Sillehan Boutique Hotel you first enter the “Hayat”, the entrance area of the manison. The ground floor with storerooms, stall and working areas are now used as lobby, library, floor dining room and coffee bar. Some of our rooms and our wide terrace have the most beautiful and exciting views to the Sille Valley, catakombs, cave churches, ancient rock dwellings, and the historic Çay Mosque.


The location is perfect for wandering around, trekking the landscape and Konya is a short drive by car or by bus. In Sille Village there are a lot of sightseeings and museums. Very close is the Sille Dam with a beach, restaurants, cafes, horse riding activities, walking paths and watersports.

“what you see on the photos is what you get…    a wonderful escape from the faceless modern hotels” 
Sillehan  offers you also traditional turkish kitchen and cafe services, on the street, indoor or on the roof terrace.


Our wide roof terrace has the most beautiful and exciting views to Sille Valley,

rock dwellings, cave churches and the historic Çay Mosque

The beautifully renovated building of Sillehan Boutique Hotel is an old traditional turkish manison in the picturesque village Sille, a part of the history on the Kings Road, Silk Road and the Pilgrims Road to Palestine.  After 9 years of patient and expensive restorations of the ruin building Sillehan Boutique Hotel had its opening in Jannuary 2015.        A heritage from a time where different cultures and religions lived together in acceptance and piece for hundreds of years.

Have some impressions with our short Sillehan Boutique Hotel film intro

Ministry Certification Plate Sillehan

Sillehan Boutique Hotel is aprooved and registered by

The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism

with the “Certificate of a Tourism Establishment”.

It is the first and only hotel in Sille Village.

We give high importance to cleaning and hygiene.

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Sillehan Boutique Hotel is located in Sille Village. 8 km to the center of Konya

and 12 km to Mevlana Museum. M.Çankaya Sokak Nr:1  TR-42240  Konya

(opposite to the Çay Mosque and the Cave Churches)