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Kilistra – Lystra


The settlement in Kilistra is believed to be established first during the Hellenistik and Roman Times (BC the 2nd century – AD the 3rd century) according to result of the archaeological works.

During the excavation the name “Kilistra” was found inscribed on a Roman epitaph from the eastern grave being used as a threshhold stone. Kilistra, during the Byzantine age (BC the 8th century – AD the 13th century), also appears to have a rock-carved settlement similar to the ones in Cappadocia. Lystra, one of the Anatolian cities, is one the way between Ikonion (Konya) and Pisda Antiocheia (Yalvaç). It is on the famous King’s Road. St. Paulos, whose name is mentioned in the Bible, is believed to have stopped by on his journey. Timotoes, to whom the messenger Paulos sent his letters, is also from Lystra.

Short film about Lystra: Kent Bilgisi – Kilistra – Lystra / Gökyurt

One day trip from Sillehan Boutique Hotel:  …distance 45 km by car – 1 hour driveway. Tour guide awailable.

Photos by Mr. John Fay