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9 years of patience


Our love to antiques, our orign and history brought us to this nice historic valley. The main project was actually to easy-restore and use this manison as a weekend house with family and friends. Restoration works began in 2006 and took about 6 impatient years .

During this we got a lot of suggestions from visitors, travellers and the authorities to “expand” the project to a cafe or a restaurant or maybe to a hotel and why not to all of them?

Then we made further researches about art history, architecture, the right material to use and of course finance we didn’t had.


Without any private use another 3 long years of professional restoration and hard work tested our patience and endurance. The upper floor, destroyed in the past, got rebuilt professional and achieved its new look.

In this time some of the areas where demolished and rebuilt several times untill their last look now. During our restorations we kept on working especially with residental craftsmen and workers in and nearby Sille, also to support each other.

And by the way, if we would knew the complete effort and costs before beginning, we maybe never did…

Some restoration details

The main building is a traditional otoman manison about 450 years old. Entrance (Hayat) and first floor where restored very true to the original. The construction of the upper floor is rebuilt within the scope of a restoration project and is made traditionally in framework “Bağdadi”.  All columns and beams are made out of wood and joined together without using any beton columns or beams. These special kind of constructions are earth quake proof. Restoration and decoration materials like cedar wood, pine wood, blown glass lightening, porcelain electrical switches, nostalgic cast iron radiators, bronze door and window handles, old style forged steel hinges and copper cable line pipes where as difficult to find as to applicate. In stone covered areas we built floor heating systems and in our rooms the old style cast iron radiators with british termostatic valves. All furnitures and wood decorations in our rooms are handmade out of cedar wood or pine wood.  Chemical preservatives where not used at all.  The caracteristic scent of the cedar wood is to smell intensively. Because of woody material and the traditional construction we were not able to minimize the noise pollution while climbing the stairs, walking on the floor or closing the wooden doors. But even this is very nostalgic.

All our rooms and social areas are equipped with smoke detectors and fire sprinklers. Smoking and pets are not allowed in our facilities.



The word Han has different meanigs:    ruler,  head of the country,  imperator,  guesthouse,  karavansaray,  hotel,  secure place for a commercial traveller,  meal,  dishes,  food tray,  cooking shop,  restaurant,  reader,  well-read,  prayer speaker…

So we combined and decided to name our rooms with the most important Han (Khan) names, founders of turkish empires in the 16.000 years old hisotry of the turks.

Here are some beautiful flags of them, the names of our Han Rooms.

Before restoration in year 2005
After restoration in year 2015

We thank all who supoorted us patiently with their knowledge and labour, which still goes on.

In addition we thank also our neighbourhood, whom we gave inconveniency in this long years.

They never made trouble but supported us with courage award.